What this thing park in my parcel

what is this thing park in my parcel… how do i get rid of it… i didnt put it there


@Constantine Hi & Welcome! :slight_smile:

I just visited your parcel at 1 Two Mall (in above photo)… I didn’t see any of those items in your screenshot, so hopefully the problem is resolved. :slight_smile:

I can say, sometimes my parcels have some glitchy things happen where certain items show up… sometimes just for a moment/short time. If you refresh, sometimes they disappear, but I think it is mostly neighboring parcels editing things, and they “lose” the item they are editing because they type the wrong number etc… When this happens items often end up in a neighboring parcels or underwater.

If this ever happens to you (or anyone reading) as a builder, you can use the parcel feature list to locate the item to edit or delete. Unfortunately if someone else accidentally places something in your parcel I am not aware of a way you remove it yourself… yet.

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I delet’d it.

We had users able to delete things nudged into their parcel before, but there was a bug with it for some reason, so we will bring back that ability later… but for now I can delet as admin.


Good to know! Thanks, bitpixi! :slight_smile: :green_heart: