What is the size of a CV block

I am trying to figure out the proportion between a CV block and a 32x32x32 vox . What is the scale factor that I should use so that a 32x32x32 vox model equals a CV block ?

When you add a voxel model you get the option to scale it, big or small. So if you want a 32x32x32 model to fit inside of a 1x1x1, then when you place it in the build editor you make make that thing fit just right (or super mega big, whatever).

if you read my question you will see that I asked about the scaling factor. I was wondering what would be the exact scaling factor to make a 32x32x3x2 block equal a CV block. With trial and error I came to 0.78

Isn’t it what cubescale is? if you set cubescale=true, doesn’t a 32x32x32 vox model become perfectly sized with a CV block?

Thanks for your reply, but a noob like me don’t understand the use of the cubescale parameter you are talking about , LOL.
Can you elaborate a little bit about it.
Thanks a bunch !

I think they’re talking about feature.cubescale which you can find on this page https://www.cryptovoxels.com/docs/scripting