Wearables not moving positions in-world after changing positions in the editor

Wearable animations and positioning on “RightArm” “LeftArm”

Short description of the bug
When moving wearables in the editor, doesnt seem to have any effect on the in-world wearables specialy during animations like flying.

What you see

Detailed description of steps to reproduce the bug.
Include screenshot if possible

What you expect to see

moving the wearable arm down, seem to apply after using “change costume” in-world, sometimes it doesnt even after refresh though…
but the main prob is that after getting that sorted and i get the position on idle right, when i change to fly… the wearable “arm” always seem to have the same position while on the bone “right arm” or “left arm”

and in the profile pic the arms are swapped i thought it might be related

all in all especially the “Right-,Left-Arm” seems acting weird. Similar problems occur with the Uplegs, espiacially the left looks strange moving

System Details

win 10pro

Hey MJ!

Just to be clear, are we dealing with three different issues here?

  • Costume sometimes doesn’t save or stick changes, making you have to adjust & save multiple times over and over again
  • Wearable looks correct when you’re idle, but when flying, wearable looks like it’s not on the correct bone
  • Profile pic is funked [to put nicely]

Could you send me a screenshot of the Wearables tab with your entire awesome outfit [which shows each wearable there, plus what bone it is on]. And if possible, a video of the issue in action [or I can just meet up with you in person to see it]. Thanks! :pray: