Wearables Not Displaying Properly on User Profile Image

Wearables Not Displaying Properly on user profile image

Wearables correctly displayed in avatar editor & display properly in-world, but display as reversed in user profile image.

Here is my avatar in the wearables placement editor with associated bone selections:

The above images show the correct placement of my wearables…

Here is my avatar in my user profile image:

All of my wearables are displaying as reversed/backwards in my user profile image.

What you expect to see

What is the correct behaviour you’re expecting?

Would like for wearables to display in my user profile image as they do in the wearable placement editor.

System Details

  • browser: Brave
  • browser version: Latest
  • operating system: macOS Monterey
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web
    • [ ] mobile web
    • [ ] native VR app

Thank you. :slight_smile: :pray: :green_heart:

yea i have this same problem i felt like a noob


@SpacemanSavvy are you still having the same issue? My inquiry has yet to be addressed, so I am curious if you may have found a solution. Thanks. :slight_smile: :green_heart:

I am wondering if it has something to do with the axis alignment of the magicavoxel editor… I never pay attention to x/y/z orientation when I fire up the voxel forge. :sweat_smile:

It is a known issue on our end. I was actually thinking to change this in general to what would be a downloadable PFP? Instead of the 3D? I dunno. What would you think of that?

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PFP would be dope. :slight_smile: :green_heart: