Wearables minting should include coordinates for easy wearing

Putting on a wearable is difficult for average users. It’s one of the biggest hurdles to wearable sales on the CV. I still see so many naked avatars in CV, and it’s painful to watch!

If creators can set these coordinates during mint, maybe as “recommended values,” and allow the user to customize them if they want to, it will significantly improve the usability of wearables. Non-artists cannot adjust this to the creator’s vision entirely, and both the creator and user will wish to do this.


I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! as creators we need to be able to set recommended values to make it easier for the newbies. I hope devs implement something like that. Also I would like to be able to mint/purchase full costumes :purple_heart:

Agreed! I typically will message coordinates to anyone who purchases wearables that are difficult to place, but it would be very helpful to streamline this.

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