URL arguments for Settings

To be able to share a uniform experience with own defaults, would it be possible to add URL arguments for Settings (Sound effects, Ambience, Voice chat, Music only when exploring, Graphics)? It could be beneficial when designing experience for a specific Parcel (although it might somewhat take away from the CV-wide experience if users who opened CV from such URL would explore the world beyond that Parcel).

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What kind of configurations did you have in mind? Would be good to see some examples in case there is another way we can improve the audio experience.

Are you wanting to branch away from the defaults, or reset back to defaults if a user has changed the settings?

I was thinking about having URLs that take to a Parcel with, for example, all audio (except Parcel sounds) set to a lower value or muted completely, like steps and other CV sound effects.
It would be useful in case when there are really subtle sounds placed in the Parcel or when I don’t want any other sounds (like steps) interact with the Parcel’s soundscape.
This way I could just have links with predefined sound values and wouldn’t need to tell visitors check their Settings menu and adjust sound levels.

Same goes for Graphics settings, where it defaults to Medium – it could be useful to provide 3 sets of links with low/medium/high already defined.

For example,

	&ui=off\ 	  <<<< since the UI overlay is disabled, it's not possible for a visitor to change the sound/graphics level
	&ambient_sound=<level>\ <<<< in this case having sound levels defined
	&sound_effects=<level>\ <<<< helps to control the designed experience