Tower unit with a hole in the floor

Floor block render issue – First Floor (5U)

Floor vox does not support collision for avatar
With light baking on the custom blocks disappear - hole in floor dear Lisa

Parcel ID or link to place in world (if applicable)

What you see

With light baking off the floor of the parcel which has a custom texture vox does not support collision for avatar (Avatar knee deep).
With light baking on the custom blocks disappear - complete layer of vox and there is a hole in the existing floor with 45 vox missing

What you expect to see

Floor with custom texture

System Details

I tried replacing the floor tiles, but the edge tiles on the floor don’t render in light baking

I guess the floor of apartments is 2 vox thick (the second layer being the ceiling of the apartment below) to allow control of vox texture by holder

This floor supports the avatar, but I cant place vox on the edge

Right I see what you mean, It’s a common issue on all units, investigating

yeah thanks, I remember that, as soon as you can stabilise the situation. I’m going to build there. MVMF venue on the weekend

In a new release this is now a normal pattern, you can now remove the 1st layer of blocks in units

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This didnt fix the floor in Tower issue for me though, disappears when the lightmap is baked, still a hole in the floor there. I’m working around it and have put a layer of vox over the top, it’s a unit in a tower so the height isnt so critical, if I wanted to sell it though, it’s faulty goods, the buyer just like me can’t really ‘caveat emptor’ since you don’t know until it’s in your wallet that you got a lemon

Have you tried recently?
You can dig down one layer and it stays whether is it baked or not for me

nope it didnt fix the problem, I’m building on top but I think light baking will be broken for the parcel

can you add me as contributor on your parcel 0x0fA074262d6AF761FB57751d610dc92Bac82AEf9

yes sure done