Support forum and metamask

Great idea having put a support forum. But can you avoid requring to login with Metamask ?
It’s good to be able to check the forum even when you are not using your wallet.

We have a few ideas about how to solve this:

  1. Could make the forum browsable by people who aren’t logged in – at least you’d be able to see if someone had responded to your message

  2. Make it easier to log in to Cryptovoxels on your phone – it is already possible to log in with metamask or coinbase, but there are some annoying UX issues around this right now. Another approach would be to bring back scanning a QR code on your desktop that logs you in to CV on your mobile

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to allow username/password log in as well as logging in via CV avatar. Additionally, we are keen to make this a secure forum where we know for sure if the poster of a topic actually owns the parcel they want support about.

Would any of these ideas solve your concerns?

Thanks, a read only access for non logged users woud be great !

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The forum is now accessible without being logged in!

Awesome , thanks !

I agree, struggling with this support forum on mobile. Pretty important to be able to add and respond to support requests when not at desk and I don’t like to carry valuable wallets on my phone. Hence this dedicated wallet creayed just for this support forum.

(Also for some reason text editing is terrible when visiting this forum on coinbase wallet on Android. Keyboard overlies the text screen so can’t see what is being typed)

Ah ha! Great