Space Above Parcel Switches Location Data

If you are above a parcel your location will be displayed as a different parcel. Lag often occurs as this happens as if the other parcel is being loaded in.

Example : On desktop, visit Cryptovoxels and then fly straight up 2 units. The location title will change.

Ok, I just spent an hour trying to figure this out and it’s simpler than it is.

How the location title works is it will show the current parcel you’re in and if you’re not in a parcel it will show the closest parcel.

It took me a while to realize but your parcel is actually 80% made out of cubes. The parcel next door however is not made out of cubes and is way taller than yours. Therefore, when you’re flying that high, the parcel next door is actually closer to you than your parcel. So the location title will show the neighbor’s.

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