Shortcut for `ui=off`

Since CV can already parse this url argument, would it be possible to toggle it via a shortcut – (in addition to and not instead the flag, as the flag seems to be useful for configuring the initial experience via the url)?

However, it’s not possible to interact with features without the crosshair, could that be preserved?

You can press the small arrow on the top bar on the right of the screen to minimise most of the UI. This still lets you interact and doesn’t hide the reticule.

We could potentially tie the minimised state to the URL params.

Does this help, or are you after something else?

Yep, I used that arrow, I find the reticule and the arrow distracting, so was leveraging ui=off instead to have no UI whatsoever.

I have 2 perspectives in mind:

As a Builder, I’d like to be able to check the scene with zero UI (without the reticule), and for this having a shortcut that toggles the ui param is a much faster way than changing the URL (especially when in Fullscreen).

As a Visitor, I’d like to open a Parcel with a URL that has ui=off, it has zero UI (without the reticule) and still be able to interact with Features.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my previous message.