Shared Land (Fractionalized NFT)

I’m in talks with some people wanting to collaborate on managing and building on a parcel, but I haven’t found any documentation to suggest how that showed ownership would work. If we used another platform to fractionalize the NFT of the land parcel, would we all have the ability to build on that land?

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Hey there!

Although I can’t chime in on the fractionalize part, I could explain how collaborators work in parcels.

Collaborators can build, place, erase, and pretty much do anything the owner can, except a few things like alter the name/description of the parcel.

It’s easy to add a collaborator from within Cryptovoxels [Edit > Open parcel admin panel > add eth name or address] or from the parcel page itself.

Could you provide more details on how you would use another platform to fractionalize the parcel NFT?