Shapes#8872 Forum Reinstatement Request

i am requesting that my shapes identity on discord be unbanned and allowed standard use of the forum.

i dont think it is right that bitpixi has power to unilaterally ban people from the discord forum. The wearables problem has yet to be fixed and the issue arose again from another user looking for her store. Bitpixi’s response was to label me as a “hacker”, when my only intension was to delivered a great case study for you to improve security with. This made me feel very bad and that i had to respond to defend myself. When defending myself bitpixi doubled down on labeling me a hacker, accused me of being a thief, and also called me an asshole. I asked why she need to call me names and tried to put my response to the accusations that she had made against so that the public would not just take her word at face value. Her words being a cryptovoxel representative her have elevated power and can have great impact onto a user and she should have been more responsible in labeling a user into a negative light.

i dont feel that bitpixi has treated me equally and has formed a personal opinion upon me and wishes to spread that opinion among the general population of the cryptovoxels community through her position in the forum.

this is quite unsettling because i really love the project and have invested a lot of time and money into learning and helping others.

I have also successfully utilized the forum to find clients to produce work and income by building and advising to people. Bitpixi’s action of banning me from the forum damages me financially going forward. Since mastering the system i had just stated offering my services in the last two months through use of the forum. I had acquired two jobs and earned approximately .25 eth on each job. This productivity rate results in 6 Eth in damages for me per year going forward due to bitpixi’s actions. Meanwhile my actions have only lead you to a more valuable and secure product.

Reasons i dont think i should be banned from forum:

  1. regarding the boundary conflict. I was employing methods learned from neighboring property that was also encroaching on peoples land (monkey see monkey do). The system never showed me any rules or made me sign into contract about building limits from time of purchase to building. I was not formally approached or given a taken down notice. bitpixi just took down. and banned me from my own property. i have since read your guidelines and have stopped using the system defined “solid zone” as my build guideline. This conflict is settled. i am staying in suggested limits and cryptovoxels noted to me that they are going to change/improve how to handle such situations. This strengthens cryptovoxels in the long run.

  2. regarding the wearables contract problem. After bitpixi banned me from my properties i started to study the wearables contract. i had already found that i can save a lot of gas by going to the contract directly for minting names, so i decided to find the wearables contract as well to see if i can also help people save money there by directly interacting with it rather than through the website interface. I found that there is a large an significant savings in gas by going directly to contract. I decide to mint a collection using some matic. I had to define some parameters during minting that the website would normally take care of. I wanted my collection to have low rank order so i found the a low open slot to use as my id. When i went to mint my first vox model, i noticed that vox model i uploaded was not the vox model i was getting in world. I realized it was because of the two chains and major mistake at the website and that value would be destroyed if ever a significant player was damaged by it. At this point i figure cryptovoxels will not listen to anything i have to say so i need to craft a case study to pass on as proof an example to help give solution. This is my intent because i am invested in the project and want to see growth. Bitpixi discovered the case study before i was ready to pass it to you guys. once she discovered i fully explained everything and offered solutions. Further it was stated to me that a wearables v3 contract is in the works to address the issue i had discovered. it was noted to me as not fatal flaw, but wearables are a foundational element that system uses for income and interactions, so considering this fact it is fatal for those whom wish to have security. Therefore my case study has been instrumental to improving cryptovoxel security in long term.

on a final note this is not first time i felt abused by bitpixi:
when working on client property 5188. i ask for neighbor’s work stretching onto our side of the street to be altered. request was received by bitpixi but never fixed(you can see the grey floor image has yet to be adjusted). i recall response in tone of “oh … now you want something”. this made me feel that the rules are only for me and people that bitpixi does not like.

Inconclusion I would like my account, shapes#8872, reinstated to the forum so that I may continue to offer my help and services to potential clients looking for building and coding support. In this way the conflict can be settled and you can avoid causing me damages.