Scripting Editor?

I’m seeing reference to a scripting editor in the documentation (PS, very exciting), but I can’t find the link to it? …?

When editing a feature in your parcel, you can scroll down the editor and most features have a script field:
If you click Expand you’ll have an enlarged scripting editor

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ah, I see, I don’t have a parcel, can I do this through the kind of demo world builder you have?

You can do that with Spaces here:

Once you create one, it won’t be part of the actual metaverse but you should be able to send that url to anyone. I’m not 100% sure scripting is allowed on spaces, but the scripting editor is there if you create a new space and visit it. You can show the build menu by pressing tab once you’re there.


Yeah, scripting doesn’t work in spaces

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that’s what I thought, it would be cool to have a place to try that kind of thing out (also, I’m the person who recently dm’d you on discord about scripting!).

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