Script loading Roof: Entry from Above/hover above

Script loading Roof: Entry from Above/hover above

Short description of the bug

*enter a property from above, then scripts are not loaded or are not activated.
*if player accesses roof from below scripts are loaded or actived.
*if player is on roof with scripts active and momentarily leaves the roof and returns, then scripts are not active.

*if player momentarily enters road then scripts are deactivated and player cannot interact.

*if player flys above property loses ability to interact

//posed general “utility” solution:
*scripts should be active when play enters from above. accommodate players landing on a roof by letting the activation boundary extend above the roof such that players landing there activate it and those hovering do not.
*once player enters property leave script active until player leaves “feature placement boundary” rather than “property boundary”
*let player switch to “isolate” mode, and then do not deactivate at all until player leaves “isolate”.

//posed “limiting” solution:
*scripts should be active when player enters from above. same as above.
*define script deactivate zone as 75% to 100% of road width when a road boarders, 75% to 100% of a road’s width for another parcel boarders, and there is no valid reason to deactivate directly above so it should be let to be significantly high.

//bug timeline

  • leaving roof and returning from above bug became apparent this morning
    *scripts sensitivity to entering the road appeared this morning
    *lastnight was not an issue

*active: if a script’s “on click” functionality works then it is active. (case study: click a vox model or an image feature>>write “hello world” to the console)

*limiting solution: a solution that limits the inherent utility and thus harms the long term growth of value of the overall product.

*utility solution: a solution that seeks to maximize the inherent utility and thus supports the growth of value of the overall product.

Parcel ID or link to place in world (if applicable)

What you see/What you expect to see

roof script loading study: dark blue player path represents player experience and expected player experience. player must return to 3 blocks deep. note if roof does not have 3 block depth then player must return further to lower floors further worsening an experience.

System Details

  • browser: firefox/chrome
  • operating system:windows10
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web