Sandbox Island/Community Land Governance "DAO"

Some thoughts on the possibility of CV creating an entire “sandbox island” for community events:

Ability to edit certain areas of a “sandbox island” could be granted based on token holdings in an effort to prevent spam.

Tokens could be represented by actual parcels owned (vested interest etc.) or could be an entirely new token distributed based on metrics that do not include a pay-wall such as:

  • Total hours logged
  • Number of parcels a user has been granted build access to
  • User Score
  • Account Age
  • Etc.

Similarly: what about the possibility of making 1 of the larger/centrally located parcels on new islands NOT available for sale. This parcel could instead be a fractionalized community sandbox parcel. Edit/build access could be exclusively granted/restricted to parcel owners on that island. In this way, each new island could have a community welcome center or something else built cooperatively by its collective parcel owners/inhabitants.

Thanks for all your hard work, CV team!
:slight_smile: :green_heart:

This is Scarcity island :slight_smile:


Hey Godjuicer. A bit of this actually just kind of happened to me (I think).
After recieving the glitch pass, I’ve been able to edit Diadochite Woods, parcel/6483.
I asked others and they can’t… yet. Can you edit it?

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Awesome. :slight_smile: :green_heart:

Congratulations, karpatic. :slight_smile:

Just checked- I cannot edit Diadochite Woods. :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a fun time, sign me up!


Yeah I’m thinking for totally undeveloped plots after 30 days I could go in and place stuff (others could build and plop it into Asset Library for a second) and I could place? I want to try this as an experiment.