🚢 Releasing v8.9.1

  • Add new methods to scripting API:
    Parcel object:
    allowLoggedInOnly → allow logged in users in your parcels only
    isPrivate → set your parcel as private and all non-allowed players will be kicked out
    owner → parcel owner
    allow(wallet) → allow that specific wallet
    disallow(wallet) ->disallow that specific wallet
    Player object
    hasEthereumNFT(contract,tokenId,successCallback) → checks if the player has the given NFT in his wallet.
    See https://wiki.cryptovoxels.com/en/Scripting/Scripting for more.

  • Improved loggin of the scripting api and add input validation.

  • When on grid, add a little console button to the script field to see the logs without having to go to another page