Releasing v8.10.1

Releasing 8.10.0 [Brought-back]

  • Bring name-changing and minting in-world via overlay
  • Fix z-fighting
  • Reduce reconnect spam
  • Fix wearable’s “buy now” button
  • Fix the what’s new window
  • Fix accounting of collectibles; meaning you cannot place more than the quantity you bought; but it won’t break previous costumes
  • Fix instanced features
  • Fix i inspect mode
  • Enable animation for cube and video
  • Lock aspect ratio for scale keyframes in animation UI
  • Let users edit collectible if no one has bought it yet
    Releasing 8.10.1
  • Improve the avatar profile page
  • Add social links
  • New Login UI
  • Add Facebook via Torus as a login option
  • New image proxy for NFT-image (load them faster and better handling NFT ownership) - supports Ethereum NFTs only
  • Add “Latest transfers/trades” in the marketplace-> parcels page
  • Enable animation for groups