POAP Integration

Utilizing POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) in Crypto Voxels has always been appealing to me. It offers a way to kill a couple birds with one stone while utilizing a great project in the space.
The new guest book is a great start and makes capturing user attendance much better than the Google Forms we have all been using.
I had a conversation with the POAP team at NFT NYC and talked CV with them. I explained how much I loved the Decentraland integration and how I wanted a similar integration for CV. This was something we had discussed in private messages and at the time, they were working with the CV team on this integrations. When I asked for an update they let me know that they had gotten the materials to the CV team and that the ball was in your court.

Long story short, I’m wondering if theres any update on this integration, if its been abandoned all together and show my support for integrating POAP into CV.


I agree with Neckbeard, and I think that poap integration would amount to a great gain for the parcel owners that make events, like him and me and many others, and our collective events. I support poap integration into cv.


I used above my account of CV Wearables, but I am The Philosopher.

Hi, I am also interested in where things stand with the integration of POAP into Cryptovoxels. POAP continues to be the standard in Proof of Attendance Protocol, and this stance was solidified for me at NFT.NYC as we hopped from event to event. As we continue to grow CV together, and host in-world & IRL events, I think it’s important that we make it easy to reward users for their attendance & participation through acquiring POAPs.



+1 would be cool to have a feature that makes distribution of POAPs really easy (like the vending machines available for this purpose in Decentraland)


Hey - we did start this, and I think it just was on the back-burner for other pressing bugs happening. Will revisit it at the next design meeting. - bitpixi


That’s awesome! Glad to hear it’s on your minds & in the works.

When’s the next design meeting? I’m +1 on this as well. think a big selling point of parties in DC is that you can pick up your POAP in one seamless experience within the metaverse entirely! CV integration with POAP would definitely make me more interested in organizing events in CV.

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