No audio in parcel

#No Audio in parcel

I adjusted roll-off of 1 audio asset in parcel
now no audio from 3 audio assets
logged in and out of several wallets updated with octopus icon

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same here - parcel audio and 4 other audio play-buttons stopped working.

This should be fixed since v8.12.2.
Also the rolloff factor is super sensitive try putting it at the lowest value

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OK will play around with it

Is audio all good for you now?

yeah bro Audio much better and thanks for heads up about sensitivity, but I do need help with audio files missing 3120. I can hear the chopper but cant find the audio file in the build menu - it’s not there. Need to turn it down and tweak the roll-off

Wait how can you tweak the rolloff and volume if you can’t find it?

exactly i cant

In Build menu asset list

Feature ID: Firesound

Feature ID: waterSound

Feature ID: endMusic

Part of Group: Danger sign (currently not playing)

Feature ID: seagull2

Feature ID: seagull

Mp4 (streaming) will play
Feature ID: headphonesMVMF

Missing from build menu asset list (currently not playing - when playing it is too loud and I want to lower the volume)

description: Helicopter sound

prob .m4a. this file

I wasnt being smart before, Audio was good - then all broken. No audio playing in this parcel now

Adding more parcels that are experiencing audio issues:

Blytzd’s parcel here: Cryptovoxels
MOIDS SF here:,620N

Thanks you got the audio to play on this site, but there is a missing Audio Asset I can hear it but it is not in the build menu
it’s too loud and I cant get to it

Hey Ghost!

I went to your parcel and heard music, but I couldn’t hear anything from the helicopter - were you able to fix it?

If not, I see 7 different audio files on my list - let me know the audio file name and I’ll see if I can erase it with my special powers. 🧙‍♂️

I think I know what’s going on here

Pretty sure this was solved by deletion, but I think I got the culprit.