Names for Properties

I like that you have to mint names into nfts mainly because it ensures uniqueness

The land parcels on the other hand, are just metadata, and therefore uniqueness is not ensured. I think the land parcels should use these nfts as well.

I think that name field for property should behave identical to the name field for your avatar. This will ensure uniqueness of property names, which is a good thing. I see no advantage of having 100 properties named Disneyland, but i do see the advantage when there is only 1.

the only issue i see is on property transfers. on a sale the name will not move with the property. this will require the property reverting back to a defual name for the parcel.

Since the project has already launched and the defualt names are not recorded in the blockchain in the Names contract as belonging to the cryptovoxel system. the system will have to ignore the names blockchain data when setting the default names. this means the only inconsistency will be the possibility of two properties having the same name. This happens in the case that a land owner mints that same name as a default property name (we cant avoid this since the system has already launched, and because this movement is retroactive it means names that the system needs as default may already be minted to a user. going forward, default names can be minted to the system wallet if not already claimed by a user in order to protect against ).

In the end it is ideal to have the naming system apply to both avatars and properties.

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Parcels already have a unique address which at minting time is the parcel name. This is similar to the real world and also insure uniqueness.

i would say the address is very similar to address in real world. name is more similar to trademark like disneyland, mcdonalds, burger king. Example: Mc donalds can move and they have. mc donalds can also exisit at multiple addresses and does. theoretically even Disneyland can move. On the other hand the boundaries at an address do not move and cannot move. they can only be redefined.