Name Selection Page Not Fully Functional

The name selection page is not fully functional because it has a limit on how many names are displayed on the list. I have now collected more names than the list can display. This means i can not select the name i want becuase i can not see it. I still have ownership of the nfts and can see them in opensea, but i cannot utilize them in game becuase the selection screen has a limit of what it displays.

To correct the issue. The list needs 1) not be limited and 2)use a scroll or page method to browse your names.

First of all, why do you have 231 names? :joy:
Second, I’ll see what I can do.

We also might purposely limit the purchase of the number of names.

There was a default limit of 100 names in the API, this will be fixed soon

i was just using some of my matic
and getting some cool names