Name change please help

how can i get my name changed from my wallet address

You can go here for more information on how to change your name - Username | Cryptovoxels Wiki

If that doesn’t work for whatever reason let us know.

So here’s a question: Why does only 1 of my 2 .eth names show when I try to change my name? I would like to use my other one but it’s not showing on the list.

Heya so, an ENS name is selectable only on the ENS website;

Ok so according to ENS, your current selection is charleskaparti.eth and any web3 website looking for your ENS name will return that one ENS name.

Therefore you have to go to ENS and selected the ENS name you want there.

I see! Thank you very much! I’m compiling a list of all these little CV details but, at the rate yall develop I know anything I write will deprecate sooner than later :smiley: