Mp4 NFT moving picture on the gallery walls

#sorryaboutyourcats.e or someone)) Tell me please how to setup mp4 NFT in my gallery so that they are played and not displayed like a photo? For example gallery “Stone age” and playing its art Cryptovoxels

Hey there!

That “Stone age” NFT in the Cryptovoxels spot you linked is actually an animated GIF, which then links to the NFT on OpenSea. They did this by using an Image feature and adding the URL to it. Although people will be able to click the link and see the video on OpenSea, they won’t be able to see the video in Cryptovoxels using this method. You can also place a Video feature, but you’ll need to have a link to the NFT next to it, as clicking the video will just pause & play it.

If you want to place your NFT as an NFT feature [so that when people click it, they see the actual video with the GUI like what is shown below], you’ll need to make sure the default picture for your NFT is an animated GIF [during the creation process of the NFT]. Basically, Cryptovoxels displays the default picture of the NFT, and then when clicked, if it’s a video, shows the video in the pop-up GUI.


If your NFT already has an animated GIF for the default pic and it isn’t working, please link it. And of course, if you need more info let me know.


Hi) thank you for reply
“…You can also place a Video feature, but you’ll need to have a link to the NFT next to it…”
I want to try Video feature option, but cant find link adding. How to make that link to the NFT?

hi @GodJuicer maybe you can help me with this question please Mp4 NFT moving picture on the gallery walls - #3 by 0x9fb61910

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Hi 0x9! :slight_smile:

I am going to do my best here to explain how I would configure a work around for you… I do not own any mp4 NFTs, so I had to try it out in a test space, but I think this will work for you. The examples used in this response are not my assets, to be clear, but if you follow the steps this should work for you as an alternative.

First, you will want to go to the asset page for your NFT on your chosen marketplace, and find/save the source mp4. In this example there is a direct link to the mp4 file, which makes things simple; You may have to explore the metadata to find a source file mp4 for your NFT asset:

In this example I am showing you how to save a video file for an NFT you own. I do not own this NFT, so I did not save it- but for the purposes of this example- this is how you would do so:

Once you have the source mp4 file saved, you can upload it to a file format convertor. In this instance, you want to convert your mp4 to a GIF. You could use free a service like the one below (first result in a Brave search) or find one to your liking in a search engine of your choosing.

Once you convert your MP4 to a GIF, you should be able to save the GIF file and/or use a specified hyperlink provided by the convertor service. Now you are ready to place your GIF in your CV parcel. To do so, open your parcel editor, and click on “Image”:

In the image editor, you can either use a hyperlink to your GIF or you can upload the GIF directly. (In this example, I’ve used a different GIF than the MP4 above to avoid downloading the asset, but your GIF will match your MP4 NFT):

Once your GIF is sized/placed where you’d like it in your parcel, you will notice that it plays on a loop. As of right now, it will only be a visible GIF file, so you need to select the image in your parcel to open the image editor again. Once opened, add the additional hyperlink that points to the original NFT asset in the field provided:

This will make your GIF clickable for CV players to open an external link prompt to your NFT:

These steps should enable you to play the file you wish to see on a loop for anyone visiting your parcel while still making the image viewable on your chosen marketplace through an external link.

I hope that helps!

Cheers! :slight_smile: :green_heart:


Great instruction!!! Thank you very much, GodJuicer!!

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i did everything that you tell me, and now another problem(( look the screenshot
when i adding NFT the picture is cool, when i adding an image the picture is terrible( why?

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Hi 0x9!

I am not sure why, but GIFs always show up a bit darker for me as well. However, there is an option you can change in the image editor that should help with this.

Here is a test GIF placed on a test space parcel. I have painted the test wall with the default gray bricks to replicate the conditions of your parcel. You can see that it is also very dark:

From here, you can select the GIF image you are trying to adjust to open the image editor, and you will notice the “Blend mode” option defaults to “Multiply.”:

Click the down arrow in the “Blend mode” selector, and choose the “Combine” option instead:

This will mount the GIF image directly on your parcel wall, and the GIF image should display properly:

Hope that helps! Cheers. :slight_smile: :green_heart:


Hi @GodJuicer ) I did it, but the quality is very low
the size of my gif is 2160x2160 px (60mb)
maybe there is some more secret about this?) :heart:

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@sorryaboutyourcats.e @GodJuicer waiting for your
answers about this question Mp4 NFT moving picture on the gallery walls - #9 by 0x9fb61910
screenshot Mp4 NFT moving picture on the gallery walls - #10 by 0x9fb61910

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Hi again 0x9 :slight_smile:

Not sure about the quality issue or how to fix it… sorry, friend! Let us know if you find a solution. :slight_smile: :green_heart:

Thank you, very helpful info.