More Control in Sandbox

One of the cooler aspects of CV is how we build things up as a community, and I think there’s an opportunity to enable better/cooler collaborations if more control was added to a sandbox parcel. The main thing that I mean by that is it would be nice to specify features and/or regions that can not be modified by users who are not directly listed as collaborators. For example one could open up smaller sections of the build as a sandbox to more carefully make smaller incremental improvements with less of a risk of a bad actor purposely deleting things or other shady behavior. There are probably other more important topics, but it just feels like this one aspect could use additional thinking and functionality outside of the on/off toggle. I’m not really sure what that would look like, but would be cool to have more control over that functionality.

Thank you for all the hard work!!


Heya Ricky,

We’ve had a few discussion about this:

  1. Nerfing sandboxes and making spaces rule
  2. Adding multiple layers of composition to sandbox (so people can add but not take away)

What are you thinking?

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Thanks for response :slightly_smiling_face: One idea that I like is if anyone can add things to a sandbox, but they only show up for everyone once the owner or collaborator approves that change. But if that’s too difficult I think another useful functionality would be being able to define a specific feature as something that nobody can edit. Or a slightly different spin on that would be to be able to define specific areas of the parcel as open as sandbox, but then have other areas that users are not able to edit.

Those were the main ideas I had on the topic! Thank you for the follow-up!

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