Merge parcels together for scripting

For scripting, it would be awesome if one could setup multiple parcels to share the same scripting environment. Meaning if you have a build with two connected parcels, would be great to be able to take user inputs on the first one, and be able to reference features that are on the other adjacent parcel.

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Oh interesting… hmmm, I’m not sure how this is practically doable looking at the code…

I was thinking we could ‘remote’ call a parcel B via scripting in parcel A and get its content and maybe even run its scripts, but then when you go into that parcel B, the local/grid script starts and there would be a confusion in the scripts (or 2 scripts running at once)

Another solution is to do an ownership check everytime you’re in a parcel, but that’s not ideal.

Another solution is to have the user tell us what parcel to link to and run only one instance. But I reckon it’s a weird approach…

Oh another approach I kinda like, is maybe have the user write a script but add a line like
“parcel.instanceScriptWith(parcelID)” and then when the script is run, we call another parcel’s scripting instance, start it and check if that parcel also has the parcel.instanceScriptWith(parcelId) whatever ahahahah

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I like that last approach you outlined, that would be cool :slightly_smiling_face: