Making offers for parcels

Hi there, a couple of newbie questions…

  1. What happens if I put an offer on a parcel for the maximum amount of WETH in my wallet?
    Will the transaction fail because there’s nothing left for gas?

  2. Say I have 1 WETH in my wallet, how many offers can I make on different parcels for 1 WETH?
    In other words, do I need the full amount of WETH in my wallet to cover all my offers?
    I was planning to make a few offers, then when the first was accepted withdraw the others.

Many thanks

Hey Phil,
thanks for reaching out!

  1. If you want to place all the WETH in your wallet as an offer, Metamask will tell you that you do not have enough funds to pay for it because it will add the gas fee (say 0.006 eth) on top of the WETH being offered (1 WETH+ 0.006 gas fee).
    In this cause you might want to place an offer just under 1WETH so you can afford the gas fee (0.95 WETH) for example.

The only reason a transaction can fail is if the transaction fails or if the transaction ran out of gas. (when the gas limit is too low). As far as I know that rarely happens on opensea.

  1. I’m not entirely sure how opensea designed their system, but from my understanding, when you place 1 WETH on a parcel you can’t use that same 1 WETH on another parcel.

And if you can, I’m pretty sure Opensea made sure in the past to invalidate offers from users that could not afford their offers.
Essentially, even if you could make multiple offers, your balance will never go in the negative, and the parcel will never be sold to you if you don’t have enough in your wallet :slight_smile:

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Thanks Fayelure, that all makes sense to me :pray:.