Looking for someone to build out CV space for NFT project

Hey there,

Have a few projects I’m working looking to get into the metaverse space and was wondering if anyone had time to help build out a few projects. We would compensate you and we do have a budget for at least one of the projects.

Ideally looking for someone to come on and help with all three, as this could begin a nice partnership and provide work down the road as well.

Please reach out if this sounds interesting to you and we can continue convos in DM’s

Thanks y’all!


Hi I’m reachable here or thebeatminer on CV message or Twitter is best. Let me know what your need are.

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Would love to chat further about this if you are still looking for a builder. Feel free to shoot me a DM on twitter @6eyFT

Feel free to stop by the voxel my business partner and I put together for an example of our work

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Hey! Would be happy to hear more about your projects and help out as much as I can :smiley:
Feel free to DM me on twitter @liliia

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Hi Friend, we have the team your looking for, come visit us at the blockchain boutique and have a chat to us.

or if you prefer, you can dm me or email me at shotbykh@gmail.com

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