🤖 Interactive Twitch controls from within Cryptovoxels to control IRL things [like robots] & apps

It would be amazing if, from within Cryptovoxels, players can hit buttons to control real life things on a Twitch stream, such as a robot arm for drawing [or applying lipstick :lipstick:], various effects in a DAW [e.g. adjustments to reverb or altering an arpeggiator on a synth via MIDI], a nerf dart gun for shooting or a hat that slaps the streamer.

Example of my stream here in which viewers shot a dart into my cup by timing it with a slap. And yes, Microsoft used to pay me to do this. :joy_cat:

Although it’s possible to go this direction via Twitch Extensions, the easiest way to do might be to connect to Twitch’s IRC, sending something like !up to the stream’s feed, which then can get relayed to an app, robot, etc.

I understand this is a very specific idea that would not be used by everyone, so limited it may be, but I believe this would open up some interesting doors and experiences for everyone involved, and wouldn’t mind creating documentation so that others can try experiments as well.