I Think a Friend List Would Improve The Social Community

I think it would be very helpful for the community to build if we can communicate with eachother through instant messages & be able to teleport to eachother & see when other are online.

I have a hard time finding other online players & i would like to be able to chat easily in game


Hello SpacemanSavvy. :slight_smile:

If you open the explorer menu in the top right corner of the desktop version of CV, you will see there is a line item that displays the number of users currently online:

If you click the button that reads “### online”:

…a list of names/wallet addresses for current online users will populate. If your friends have a username minted for their avatar, it will display in this list when they are online, otherwise it will be “anonymous”/their wallet hash:

After each name/wallet address, there is a “teleport to” button:

When clicked it will bring you to your friend’s location immediately where you will be able to chat with them in real time. :slight_smile:

To pull up the chat window, you can press the “return” button on your keyboard while in-game, or click the the voice bubble icon in the lower left of your screen:

We also have the option to click a user name in the online user list instead of just the teleport button:

When clicked, a display menu will pop-up showing a brief user description as well as additional options that include sending a private message, viewing their user profile, tipping, sending gifts, etc:

I agree that a friend list would be rad, but hopefully these features can be useful to you for now. Cheers! :slight_smile: :green_heart:


thanks for the response! I have noticed this & i think it is a great feature but i believe it could help people be more in touch with eachother if you could build a contact list and easily scroll through it in game … a lot of users on the explore list have not verified their names & its not easy to tell if someone you know is online at the same time as you which i feel can keep users in the game


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: You make some good points here, and I agree- a friends list would be a good feature to have in the future.

In the meantime, you might be able to help some of your friends learn how to mint & register some CV avatar names to make finding each other a bit easier. Another idea would be to plan some CV get together events, so you can all show up at the same time.

Cheers! :slight_smile: :green_heart:

yes i have noticed there is a great community here my friend the philosopher has helped me mint my wearables ! Great guy we are partnering up to do great things

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Love this idea! I often pop in to CV, but am never sure who’s online / where in the world they are unless I see something mentioned on Twitter or Discord first. Would love to be able to find friends quickly & easily in game.


can we vote on making this happen … i think it would be really nice

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