I have $2.2 in Matic on coinbase wallet but says I dont have enough to cover fees

The fees to change my name is like 0.0002 or something like that, its under even .00$ sometimes .01$ and I should have MORE than enough but for some reason coinbase wallet says i dont have enough MATIC. I have 1.46 MATIC and the fees dont even touch the 1.0 region so something is off somewhere.


First are you sure you have MATIC on the matic chain and not the ethereum chain? See Matic bridge
The reason I’m asking is because if I look at your transactions on Polygonscan https://polygonscan.com/address/0xd79153d96c793c45f50ee89e8e9c39b4791b3d48
It shows nothing. Whereas failed transactions will normally show still.

Secondly, if you do have Matic on the Matic chain, it could simply be that your wallet refuses to switch chain to matic. Which could be API related.
Let me know

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oh well im pretty sure my matic is on etherium since coinbase wallet app uses just that. so i need to figure out a way to get matic in the polygon wallet and make the nft using another account and transfer it over which sounds pricey as all get out so chances are I wont ever be able to change my name.

I think i figured out a trick, i can change the network in coinbase wallet and when i change to polygon my matic goes away so what im going to do is take my matic, and essentially transfer back to myself but the polygon version but right now the gas fees is 14$ no matter the amount so ill wait. these gas prices need to go down.

okay so i tried to transfer over matic using the crypto voxels website but my gas fee was too low cause i didnt have that much, and that kept going then today i tried transferring it over again this time with its regular gas fee of 18$ it looked like things were working then i had some random popup saying it was 93$! im like, uh first off i dont have that much secondly i am NOT PAYING no 93$ to move 4$ of the SAME token to simply another chain. And so possibly because of that random popup and not paying a SECOND fee which far as I know shouldnt have even been a thing since i was already paying the gas fee.

But eventually even that one was quickly dropped so in total ive wasted 27$ trying to move 3.6 MATIC to Matic… I give up, i dont know why this is so costly but until I can use the matic in my coinbase wallet instead of being forced to put it on some random chain or wallet with giant gas fees I will not be able to change my name. This really needs fixed because someone like me who is essentially locked to etherium cannot transfer any funds to polygon in anyway without spending 100$'s to move 50 cents.

They now allow one free name change, so this topic is moot, I did finally get my name heh.