How many collections can a property owner have?

i am a new parcel owner and am interested in starting a collection. I have the choice of starting a collection on ethereum or matic. This made me feel i should have one on both networks and wondered if i could. Can i have more than one collection?

Further it made me wonder if i can have multiple collections on either one of the chains so that i can categorize into things like shoe collection, hat collection, … . I feel that knowing how many collections i am allowed to start is important in planning. Is there any limits in creating collections?

You are allowed 1 collection per parcel :slight_smile:

What happens to your collections when you sell a parcel?

Example: buy four parcels, create four collections. then sell two parcels. Or what is if they sell all of the parcels and have no parcels can they still use and add to their collections?

You get to keep the collection!

great. thanks

regarding page:
i now see info regarding how many collections i can create:

"Users are allowed only 1 collection per parcel

You currently own 0/1 collections ."

But now i do not see any buttons to select and create the collections

Were you able to create your collection?