GIF not generating after wearable submission

Hi Everyone,

After submitting valid .vox model (less than 32x32x32) Gif isn’t generating anymore…
It worked smoothly in the past days, now it just doesn’t work for me.
I tried different models and sizes and also tried to reupload wearable I already minted and neither of them are working now!

It’s also impossible to mint the wearable without the generated gif, I tried waiting and refreshing for hours but nothing happens.


Could someone help me please?

  • Collection ID: 310

System Details

  • browser: Firefox
  • browser version: 92
  • operating system: MacOS 10.13.6
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web
    • [ ] mobile web
    • [ ] native VR app

I have the same problem, can someone help?

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I can totally say it’s working 100% good now!

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Yep, at the time of this post, there was a queue of 7000 wearables.
That queue has now been cleaned.