Dropdown for User Input

I already mentioned this previously more casually, but I figured it was worth making a topic for it. Would love to have some kind of dropdown selector to get a user input from.

The way I imagine it, you could use the CV UI to define the options you want to make available when a user clicks on the dropdown. And from there be able to do feature.text in the same way we can on the text input.

Thank you for all the really great recent updates!

Ah thanks for the more formal post. I’ll link to my response here:

Cheers Ricky

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Thanks for the responses! Makes sense and fair enough. I’ll see if I can find a better temporary solution than what I’m currently doing just providing all the possible options for the user input (which has the downside of allowing for typos):

I’m thinking I can figure out a way to make arrows that can be clicked on to iterate through the possible options. But the dropdown selector would be really nice for sure haha. But anyway, totally understandable as too niche of a feature, thanks to adding it to your future list!


f me this is cool. you’re doing awesome stuff!

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Heya Ricky, is there anything on this page that looks helpful? Maybe the radio button?


Thanks for the response @bnolan! That’s really cool, I knew CV uses babylon, but I never actually took a look and I never used it. I took a pretty thorough look through their list and unfortunately I’m not seeing what I had in mind :slightly_frowning_face: The radio selector would be helpful and be better than having the user type in the option and potentially misspelling it, but I had something like this in mind which would let me include a lot of options in a single dropdown: https://jjallaire.shinyapps.io/shiny-kmeans/

So probably not doable at the moment, but I appreciate you looking into it!

And thank you very much @sukoneck.eth :blush: If you wanted to try it out yourself it’s here and updates automatically with new data 4 times a day: Cryptovoxels

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