Cryptovoxels Analytics

CryptoVoxels Analytics

Monitor CryptoVoxels sales, traffic, feature, rank, mint, etc, and output insights.



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1. CV Monthly Sold Parcel Avg Price(ETH)

2. CV Monthly Sold Parcel Median Price(ETH)

3. CV Monthly Visitors

4. CV Monthly Sold Parcel Total

5. CV Monthly Sold Parcel Sum(ETH)

6. CV Monthly 30 Day Sold Parcel Total

7. CV Monthly 30 Day Sold Parcel Sum(ETH)

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Heya this is pretty amazing, I’ve been meaning to do this myself.
I have two questions:
What source did you use for each type of data? Because that greatly matters
How did you obtain parcel sales done in the past? As far as I know the opensea API doesn’t have an archive :open_mouth:

Hi, Fayelure!

Except for parcel sales data, every data source comes from , which I got it through External APIs | Cryptovoxels Wiki and Chrome F12.

The parcel sales data got from opensea api Retrieving events , I aggregated it by myself.

All Code for the analytics are in this repo , and I am very honored to donate all the code if needed, or we could work together to improve it.

Best regards.

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I’m in China, there are a lot of crypto artists and collectors, everyone like cv very much.

Many artists have gallery in cv. We often hold cryptoart exhibitions and activities in cv, such as CryptoartPanda(, that’s the main reason why I do it.

CV Monthly Report Online View:

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CV buyers continue to rise, the number of buyers reached a historical peak last month!
for more: CV Board · k1ic

What’s everyone doing in the CryptoVoxels Metaverse?