Creating a slider for user input

I don’t think there’s a way to do this, but any ideas around how one could make an object that can be picked up but only moves along a specific area? I’m hoping to create a slider that can be moved only within a small region and only along one of the horizontal axis. I don’t think it’s possible but would love any ideas on the topic.

The use case is I want to take user inputs, and I would like to provide a slider that can be used to adjust the input between two numbers. The alternative would be to take user input as text for the minimum range as well as the maximum range, and it makes the default values less obvious, so it would be a much cleaner way to build what I’m building.

I basically need to be able to have the user pick up a .vox model only within a range of values for one of the horizontal axis, and not be able to move it outside of that range. And ideally they would be able to click again to drop it and set it to the value they want. I’m pretty sure none of this is doable, but if anyone has any ideas on how to do this I would be interested in hearing about it.

Will post below if this is released (58)

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I didn’t update the wiki yet (it’s a bit late) but it works just like the text-input:

let slider = parcel.getFeatureById('slider')

omg!! Wow you’re literally the best wtf :joy:

And really liking the new support website for this type of stuff, will be really great for discoverability and troubleshooting common issues people run into, you guys are doing great work!!

Also editing the tag on this to no longer be high-difficulty, as it no longer is (we might need a fayelure-is-a-legend tag).


Aahhahah you’re making me blush, i like your ideas so keep them coming

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Seriously, thanks so much! One more thing that would be pretty nice is a dropdown selector, but I can probably figure out a hacky way to do that without an official feature

that would totally be much harder ahahahah Doable though.
I’ll think about it because we don’t want to overcrowd the features with too-advanced features. So for the moment I don’t think we’ll create such a feature, but I’ll add it to the list for when we have a better Editor UI for features. Would be nice.

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