Create a Space from the JSON state of a parcel

If I build a parcel and save it’s state, I can already download the state (JSON).

If I can create a Space based on that downloaded parcel state json, I can then give it to others (e.g sell the space as NFT). This lets parcel owners monetize old builds/States.

(I don’t think this deters parcel owners buying more parcels, it likely funds more parcels)

And I think the inverse is true. If I build (for free) in a Space, can I then download the Space’s JSON and give (or sell) that Spaces build state to parcel owners for upload of the Space into their parcel. This can lower cost of entry for new builders and let new builders profit from learning.


Hey, this is a cool idea. Basically a button to take a parcel state and copy it to a Space?

Yeah, basically as you suggest for starters, load a parcel state into a space.
That’s my immediate need.

Then later it could be great to work in reverse, load a space into a parcel

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Title should say “Create a Space from the JSON state of a parcel” rather than “Great a space…”. Damn you predictive text!

Any means to know where this request might sit in backlog against other priorities (even if just a high medium or low)? Thanks for any info on where this might be in grand scheme of current things. Thanks

This is great not only for builders who are wanting to rebuild an entire parcel without having “downtime” as well as new comers who might be saving up to get a parcel but would like to at least start making some progress on their vision. Overall, love the idea.

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