Clickability during 3rd person mode

The experience on mobile made me wishing i could do it on desktop as well. Currently you need to go into 1st person mode to click on items such as NFTs or videos.

Discovered you can triple click on an NFT in 3rd person mode. But it’s a guessing game as there’s no pointer to show where you’re mouse is pointing.

Oh yeah! So, we have thought about this, and could make it ‘right click to grab mouse cursor’, and left click to pan / click in world. It’s a pretty massive change, but is that closer to what you’re describing?


interesting. I definitely like the idea of using right click instead of ‘esc’ for grabbing the cursor.

But for pan/click-in world mode, I was thinking with the crosshair like in 1st person mode, but also in 3rd so you know where the click will land, but maybe a smaller icon to not obstruct the visual as much.

Heya I don’t exactly understand what you mean, can you draw a little sketch to explain?

My attempt to sketch is in the form of a skyrim screenshot…lol:

Prob looks weird because the figure is facing towards the camera, but that figure is the person in control. And notice the cross hair is still in play on screen but just not as large and distracting.