Categories on Map do not work


I have a shop in CV, but cannot get it categorized as such on the main map. I understand the keywords for Shop are ‘shop’, ‘store’ and ‘market’ - all of which I have in the parcel description and/or title. But it still does not categorize.

Please see parcel #678 as example.

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Is there any update on this?

We only create an icon by using the name, not the description! Could you try again using one of those keywords and then wait at least some time for the map to load the proper data.

I’ll then be able to check if it does indeed not work

Hi Fayelure, I just checked back in on this after awhile. No, it still doesn’t work. I have ‘Store’ in the title. (parcel 678). thanks for your help!

I have since changed this title to include Shop instead of Store. Still doesn’t work.

Right, so I realise the name of your parcel is quite long. I thing I know what’s going on.
I’ll come back with something