Build menu lost it's icons

build menu no longer has icons for element

hard to find assets in big lists

Parcel ID or link to place in world (if applicable)

What you see

no icon for vox or megavox or audio

those are audio files and vox files

What you expect to see


System Details

  • browser: Chrome
  • browser version:
  • operating system:PFP11
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web
    • [ ] mobile web
    • [ ] native VR app

Oh do you mean that the seagulls are vox models and are shown as empty image rather than vox models icon?

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Fix coming

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seagulls are audio the other one’s a vox. But yeah i label everything with feature id b ut icons help a lot

This should be fixed now, right?

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