Broken GIF style NFT Objects

Bug Title

Broken GIF style NFT Objects

Short description of the bug
NFT objects I had set up via Opendea links with GIFs as the preview image once were showing with no issue, are now showing up as broken links

Parcel ID or link to place in world (if applicable)

What you see

Detailed description of steps to reproduce the bug.
Include screenshot if possible

What you expect to see

What is the correct behaviour you’re expecting?
The preview gifs as they appear on their respective Opensea links

System Details

  • browser: Brave
  • browser version: 1.29.77
  • operating system: MAC OS Big Sur
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web
    • [ ] mobile web
    • [ ] native VR app

I had a look and it seems Opensea is throttling our requests… We’ll contact them and see what they say…

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Looks like 2/3 of them are working now: Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 9.44.13 AM|690x365