Audio is not playing when a Parcel is accessed directly via a URL and after refresh

Hey team,

Could someone please have a look into the following issue?

Audio works – if the user enters the Parcel from the outside (e.g. this is my spawn point located outside of the Parcel Cryptovoxels, walk to the 2nd floor to hear the sound).

It stops working after the page is refreshed.

Audio also doesn’t work from start, when accessing the Parcel via a link where the coordinates are inside (e.g. Cryptovoxels).

These are my audio settings:

Streaming from Pinata.

Note that the video feature (streaming from Pinata as well) works in most cases, although sometimes it fails to load.


PC (Windows 10) and Mac (Intel and M1 running Big Sur).

Additionally, audio doesn’t seem to work at all on mobile – Android 12.

Chrome is used in all cases.


I was probably misusing the streaming setting since I have a fixed length recording not a stream.

I switched it off and now the file plays in all cases.

However, it looks like with streaming on, the features playing the same audio were synchronized, while without it there’s a delay in loading, so sound goes out of sync.