Assets limits per parcel

Assets limits per parcel

The maximum number of each type of asset allowed per parcel is the same for all parcels. Owners of big parcels are stuck with the same limits as small ones. Also limits seem unbalanced:

1,000 3D textured cubes, but only 100 text signs.

Parcel ID or link to place in world (if applicable)

ALL parcels

What you see

Low limits for some asset types.

What you expect to see

  • Some assets limits (the ones that consume more CPU/memory resources) should be proportional to parcel volume.
  • Increase sign: from 100 to 500
  • Increase videos: from 40 to 100
  • Increase lanterns: from 20 to 50

System Details

  • browser: not related
  • browser version: not related
  • operating system: not related
  • how are you using cryptovoxels
    • [x] desktop web
    • [ ] mobile web
    • [ ] native VR app

Hey Zardoz, we messaged you privately about this (and I just edited your post because it was super inflammatory yo). We have a long term plan to add some analysis of parcel performance, work out what causes lag and what doesn’t, and then dynamically adjust the parcel limits so that builders have more to work with, without affecting neighbours performance. But for now the parcel limits are staying where they are. :smiley:

Embrace your constraints! :crab:

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