Allow users to self-host parcels

Hey! One thing that would be really cool, is if users could self-host parcels and get rid of limits on number of features, and/or quality limits. Very long-term idea and maybe not realistic, but I personally think this makes a lot of sense. Would make the hosting of parcels more decentralized over time, and should only reduce your costs, while hopefully improving the quality of builds people are making. Improving the variety and quality of 3d models users can bring into the world would really go a long-way towards making the experience cooler and more immersive.

Just a thought!

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You say “self-host” but the parcel is still rendered in-world on the client side.
The parcel limitations are not because we want to keep our costs low but because we want to keep the frame rate high and don’t want people having their client crash on them :sweat_smile:

It’s a pretty cool idea, but hard to conceptualize

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Makes sense, thanks