Allow *IMAGE* function in sandbox mode

I own a parcel for NFT Showroom which is a non ETH NFT platform, I wanted to sandbox the parcel and let artists play around but realized if image is disabled you can really only add ETH based NFTs or use the textures cube as a workaround which is kind of cumbersome. Maybe this could be optional when creating a sandboxed parcel so it isn’t enabled automatically.

Heya, the reason images are not allowed in sandboxes is to avoid NSFW content;
In normal parcels, we at least have a person to call out and make responsible if the parcel content is violating our community guidelines.

Other solutions are to expose a way to dynamically add contributors via scripting (risky but worth the try)
Change our policy, allow images in sandboxes (to a limit) and make the parcel owner responsible
Any other ideas?