Add cinema to the map!

Hello, I would like to ask, if it would be possible to add our parcel to the map as CINEMA. parcel is in ownership of PIZZA DAO / Snax, that I am part of PIZZA DAO. THE LINK: Cryptovoxels and the cinema will stay there, and will be added more movies. Right now, I would like to make a metaverse movie premiere on 12/3. Right now appart from this movie, in every other room of the building is another video longer than 1 hour, some longer than 2 hours. But if we would be added as cinema to the map, I would dedicate more rooms to more movies and documentaries. Thank you very much! 113kw

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To add to this, THEATER is already one of the types, but THEATER sounds more like a Broadway show or a play [which would either be users acting on stage or some form of scripting] than videos or movies playing.

CINEMA would definitely be nice to have as a type. :movie_camera::blue_heart: