3rd person womps + sharing features

i think 3rd person womp would possibly get ALOT of action.

Additionally i think we could drive a bit more traffic if we had the option to tick a box to share our selfie womps directly to our twitter feeds… kind of like everyone can be their own “Womptron”…

it might be cool if we also had the option to “text” our womps to other friends, thru the in world messaging system…DM womp privately, or after broadcast would be great. I could text my pal to make sure we’re not wearing the same outfit to the function at bitpixis bar later that night, or text her photos of the broadcasts showing her what she is missing out on!! the idea is to start making it feel more like a cell phone.

see attached photo for rough moc up

just some ideas i thought we could bounce around :slight_smile:


A quick workaround for this is to open another browser window in the same location. It isn’t quite as intuitive, but you can have 2 avatars active in the same location & quickly use the second one to do the womp. Hope that helps. Cheers. :slight_smile: :green_heart:

We actually have the ability to do third person womps now, though I definitely used that 2-browser-window workaround before. =D

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Oh right! Hadn’t considered using the zoom scroll for womps yet. Nice! Thanks! :slight_smile: :green_heart: